Microservice over Monolithic

Prior to Microservice architecture, most companies adopted the Monolithic architecture. Monolithic architecture provides a centralised code base which is easy to develop and test. Furthermore, it provides ease in deployment as we are dealing with only one executable file, e.g. single jar file for Spring Boot application. However, its weakness…

Traditionally, applications were developed using the Monolithic Architecture. This architecture empowered organizations in developing and testing applications in a centralized code base. Furthermore, as the entire code base is being compiled into a single executable file, this eliminated any networking complexity. This allowed developers to develop production-ready application rapidly. There…

In part 1 of the guide, I have explained and demonstrated how you can setup a simple Spring Boot Application adopting the Microservice architecture. The code can be found here. The next step would be utilising Docker and Kubernetes for deployment and scaling of our application.

Why Docker and Kubernetes for Microservices?

Manual management and scaling…

WeiTang Lau

An undergraduate Computer Science student at National University of Singapore interested in Backend Development

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